Activities did in Iguazu Falls, ARGENTINA:

  1. Hiked 3 trails - Lower Circuit, Upper Circuit, & Devil's Throat Circuit
  2. Enjoyed the pool at the Sheraton Iguazu Falls

Highlight(s) of this portion of the trip:

Upper Circuit was my favorite trail when we were at Iguazu Falls. We had a chance to see all the other falls along the way, which made the scenery that much more impressive. If you visited Niagara Falls before and think that it is amazing, you will have to check out Iguazu Falls when you are in South America. The breathtaking views of this one blow past Niagara Falls' by a few times.  

Activities did in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA:

  1. Free tour
  2. Women's Bridge @ Puerto Madero 
  3. Cafe Tortoni - selected by UCityGuides as one of the ten most beautiful cafes in the world
  4. Tango Show @ El Querandí
  5. Flea Market @ Caminito
  6. Steakhouse @ Don Julio Parrilla 40% off if you pay by 8pm
  7. Free tour #2
  8. San Telmo Market & checked out Coffee Town
  9. Tango lessons & visited milonga
  10. El Ateneo - Theater turned bookstore

Highlight(s) of this portion of the trip:

Free afternoon tour with Buenos Aires Free Walk was a blast. Aside from fascinating history of architecture and Argentine culture, Fernando gave us numerous recommendations from tango shows to steakhouses. It helped us reduced tons of research time while we were in Buenos Aires, so that we could visit more landmarks during our time there.

Unfortunately, one of the unpleasant highlights we had was visiting the steakhouse at Don Julio Parrilla. While it was recommended by various locals, we found that the steaks were hard to chew on, even when we ordered medium rare. One bright spot was that the bill was 40% off (the restaurant's policy for paying the bill by 8pm), but we will probably try a different steakhouse when we visit Buenos Aires again.

Lastly, the tango lessons with Lucie & Gerry were a blast. Even though we were newbies, they taught us basic moves that were fun to learn. They even brought us to a milonga (local tango club). As clumsy as we were, we had a great time, and didn't trip over anybody when we were on the dance floor!