(Softcover) Jetsetter Fast Track: How to fly first class with miles and ONLY $5

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(Softcover) Jetsetter Fast Track: How to fly first class with miles and ONLY $5

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Jetsetter Fast Track offers an introductory guide to the amazing world of luxurious traveling using different frequent flyer and hotel reward programs. Instead of spending an incredible amount of money to satisfy your travel needs, this book provides you with frameworks, concepts, and examples on how to travel in style for only a fraction of the traditional travel cost. A first class ticket for under $50 is no longer out of the question. A 5-star hotel that you can afford with a $20 bill. A dream destination on the other side of the world suddenly becomes a reality.

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Interview with the Author

Q – What makes Jetsetter Fast Track special? 

A – It’s a step-by-step guide on how to use frequent flyer and hotel reward programs. Rather than dealing with the complexity of the current reward systems, Jetsetter Fast Track has stories and examples to educate you on how to get started with points and miles in these reward programs. From fancy domestic travels to adventures across different continents, the tips and tricks revealed can help you achieve your ultimate vacation.

Q – Why did you decide to write this book? 

A – As a travel enthusiast, I came across these airline and hotel reward programs in 2010. It totally changed my perception of traveling as I no longer have to worry about paying a lot of money for a not so comfortable economy seat. From first class seats to 5-star hotel rooms, I have experienced more than I could ever imagine in the few years since I learned about frequent flyer and hotel reward programs. 
I want to use this book as an opportunity to guide anyone who has interest in traveling to take a leap and learn these hacks. Instead of digging through different bloggers and forums to get started, you can shorten your learning curve immensely. From cultivating a new travel mindset to how to earn and redeem points and miles, I will take you on a new journey that can change your travel plans forever.

Q - Why should readers give this book a try? 

A - Because it is a worthwhile investment for future luxurious travels at a very low cost. Imagine that you plan to travel to a different continent in the near future, and flights are not cheap. Rather than getting cramped on the back of the plane and make yourself not comfortable for a 16-hour flight, you can now stretch your legs and sleep in a spacious airplane seat. What’s more, you are only paying a few dollars for that luxurious seat. By learning the concepts illustrated in this book, you can have a travel life that you have always imagined, and see the world in style without breaking the bank!